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Privacy Policy

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Company Info


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Buenos Aires, Capital Federal, C1055ABD

Office: +54 (11) 4371-0134

Fax: +54 (11) 4371-0134

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Minihostels.com is a network of hostels and affiliated business.

In accessing MiniHostels.com you agree to our current terms and conditions mentioned in the following sections. Likewise, if not agreed upon terms and conditions, do not access any MiniHostels sites or links.

In order for a hostel to be listed on Minihostels.com the following are required:

1. Present the MiniHostels logo, price comparison list and MH link on the hostels website

2. Purchase a minimum number of cards/pay affiliation fees.

3. Provide all MH members with a 10% discount.


Before any contract implying booking or cancelation takes place between MiniHostels and a customer, the customer is required to show approval. Member associations and affiliates are directly responsible for providing their services, booking and cancelations.

Booking and Cancelations

During registration, both MH-members and non-members have to provide us with their credit/debit card and personal details.

If you are not an MH member, 10% of every reservation made by you will be taken as a deposit, which will make you directly responsible to the travel service provider to pay the rest of the balance upon arrival.

If you are an MH member, you will not be charged for the reservation and you will be entitled to the 10% discount at any MH business.

Any additional payments such as taxes are directly applicable by the hostel or service provider.

By not showing up or arriving later then 12 hours of expected time, your credit card or debit card will be charged for an amount equivalent to the first night stay in the hostel booked. We will then transfer this amount to the corresponding business.

Liability in the case of loses from a cancelation is not taken by MiniHostels International Co.  Any changes in accommodation or travel service causes any additional expenses will not be accounted as a liability to minihostels.com.

In addition, any customer must show approval before any booking or cancellation.


Membership Card

Membership cards can be acquired in hostels or MH travel related businesses. Each card can only be used by one person and is not transferrable.


By purchasing a card online we agree to have a membership card number valid for you within 24 hours from the purchase.

We agree to ship the card within 14 days to the corresponding shipping address or have it have it available of on any of our MiniHostels.